Welcome Hill Baptist Church

Welcome Hill Baptist Church  Lovorn Road Carrollton ga

Independent, Fundamental Baptist church believes that the King James Bible is the word of God without error. We believe all Scripture was given by inspiration of God, and that God also promised to preserve his word. Divine inspiration is of no value to Christians without God's promise of preservation. We believe that salvation is by grace through faith. Being born again by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ is the only requirement for salvation. We believe in the eternal security of the believer. We believe that the unsaved will spend eternity in torment in a literal hell. We believe that Jesus is God, and that Jesus Christ was begotten by the Holy Ghost of the virgin Mary. We reject the teaching of Calvinism and believe that God wants everyone to be saved. We believe that life begins at conception (fertilization) and reject all forms of abortion including surgical abortion.

Pastor Tony Thompson  (770)-328-6347